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LegalPro offers four levels of editing services to meet your particular needs:

Developmental Editing    Copy (Line) Editing    Proofreading    Comprehensive Editing

Developmental Editing

Fiction Developmental Editing

Structure and Organization: Sometimes there’s a better way to tell a story. The editor suggests any changes that might make the opening more compelling or the narrative easier to follow by rearranging, adding, or subtracting chapters.

Plot: At least in genre and mainstream fiction, the plot must be credible. The editor looks for plot holes or any other problems and suggests solutions.

Characters: Characters must be believable and identifiable to the readers. The editor notes characters who could use greater development or who appear or act in any way inconsistent with their previous description/personality.

Setting: One of the hardest tasks in fiction writing is striking the balance between providing enough detail to put the reader into the scene and overwhelming the reader with so much that the story bogs down. The editor looks for places that could use either expansion or trimming.

Nonfiction Developmental Editing:

Structure and Organization: Whether a how-to, a memoir, an inspirational treatise, or any other type of nonfiction, information needs to be presented in a form the reader can easily follow. The editor looks for ways to improve the flow of the book to make it reader-friendly, including suggesting moving material to an appendix.

Contents: Sometimes readers will need (or at least want) more detail to understand the information being conveyed. The editor looks for places where the reader may benefit from more details or where material would be better redone or deleted to avoid confusion or loss of focus.

Fiction and Nonfiction Developmental Editing:

The editor checks quotations and marks any places where copyright permission may be needed. In addition, the editor provides a candid analysis of the book’s marketability and readership.


Copy (Line) Editing

This is what most people think of when they need editing. The editor goes word by word through the book correcting grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors. In addition, the editor identifies language that may be ambiguous or otherwise require clarification by the author of its intended meaning.

The editor also makes purely stylistic suggestions such as:


Proofreading is meant to provide a final polish to the work and pick up any errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or formatting. As it is not a substitution for a copy edit, proofreading is appropriate only for documents that have been previously edited.

Comprehensive Editing:

This editing combines all three services. The editor performs a developmental edit, then obtains author feedback. After any changes have been made, the editor proceeds through with the copy (line) edit. The author again is asked for feedback, then the book is carefully proofread. After this final proofreading, the book is ready to be considered by a publisher or agent.

EditorPro will follow the instructions of the author by providing whatever level of editing service is desired. However, if the editor believes a greater level will be appropriate, she will recommend same and provide a sample of the proposed edit illustrating her concern.



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As this is an editing rather than a legal writing or research service, although the editing process may include rewriting portions of a document or noting problems with citations, I don't do any original writing or research or give legal advice to laypersons.
If you are a non-lawyer who needs help with an operative legal document such as a pleading, please consult with an attorney licensed in the correct jurisdiction.

Editing Process:

All editing is done on electronic files using the MS Word “TrackChanges” tool.  This allows the writer to see the editor’s suggested changes and comments and decide what to accept or reject.



All documents will be held in strictest confidence, including both your client’s information and your own information.  Although the services I perform are editing rather than practicing law, as an attorney I consider myself bound by the Code of Professional Ethics and will treat your documents with the same highest degree of care
All documents will be held in strictest confidence, including both your client’s informas if they were direct client communications to me.